Taxi Graphics

Branding on taxi’s gives a constant exposure around a specified area

Taxi owners can earn passive income but at what cost?

If you own a single or fleet of taxi’s then you are probably well aware of the extra revenue you can make but you may not know where to start or what impact this will have on time, the good news is that our designers, printing facilities and wrapping technicians are all in our non-weather dependant facilities so the process can be streamlined meaning you’ll have minimum downtime compared to other vinyl installers.

Want to advertise on other peoples taxi’s?

If your audience is predominantly within a city, taxi advertising could be an highly effective way to reach them, you’ve seen it everywhere and read them so you know it works, but how do you start and what are the options?

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Installation can be achieved at pace in our climate controlled facility

Design, print and installation are all in-house services.

Our state of the art building is perfectly lit and dust free, giving our technicians an ideal working space, enabling them to accurately and quickly install vinyls onto any vehicle, enabling minimal downtime in your fleet.